The SAT May Soon Be Free for New York City Students

If you’re a high school student in New York City, it may soon cost nothing to take the SAT.

Bill De Blasio’s administration announced that the city government is considering covering the cost of the test for every high school student in the five boroughs. Whether the proposal goes into effect depends on a vote to take place this spring. The proposal would also make the test available to be taken on a school day, rather than a weekend.

Both measures seek to give students who either can’t afford the test or can’t spare time on the weekend the opportunity to take the SAT, which could benefit many students throughout the city, especially black and latino students who are underrepresented on the test.

Gabe Quinous of James Baldwin High School in Chelsea agrees with the spirit of the proposal. “Education should be for everyone, it shouldn’t be for who can afford it or who can be there on a certain day. A lot of kids I know have weekend jobs to support themselves and their families,” he says.

The SAT costs $52.50 and is proctored on a Saturday. Check out the entire news story here.