The Most Competitive Business Schools to Get Into

As business school becomes more popular for domestic and international students, the number of applications submitted to U.S. MBA programs continues to increase. Due to the increase in applicants, acceptance rates have dropped because the number of open spots at these schools remain the same. Find out which schools have the lowest acceptance rates, making them the most competitive business schools in the United States. Are any of these on your dream school list?

Ranking School Acceptance Rate Average GMAT
1 Stanford University 6.1% 733
2 Harvard University 10.7% 725
3 University of California — Berkeley (Haas) 13% 715
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) 14.6% 716
5 University of Florida (Hough) 15.8% 681
6 Penn State University — University Park (Smeal) 17.1% 636
7 University of California — Davis 17.8% 683
8 Columbia University 18% 715
9 University of California — Los Angeles (Anderson) 19.8% 713
10 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) 19.8% 732

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