It Starts With Your Phone or Tablet Not With Paper, Pencil, or Payment.

Don't just study, be ready for your future. We can help you get there — for free — because we're experts in both test prep and mobile learning.


There's a Science to Learning.

Our experts, with the help of adaptive learning algorithms, give you the right lessons at the right time for you, so you progress quickly and purposefully.


Your Future Is Waiting. Let Us Connect You.

The test isn't the end of the journey - your dream school is. Ready4's School matcher takes you post-score attainment to find and choose the program that best fits your needs and interests.


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...Yes We Do Mean Free

At Ready 4, we are revolutionizing test prep by replacing heavy books with your mobile phone.

Our data scientists, content experts, and mobile engineers are committed to creating the world's most advanced learning platform and connecting students to opportunity. Readying students with the skills and confidence needed to succeed.

Join the Readiness Revolution.

Learning backed by data science

Ready4 optimizes your mobile learning experience.

Our expertise on how standardized tests are structured and best mastered runs deep. In-house data scientists tirelessly create and apply adaptive learning algorithms to each and every test. While a team of educators, content writers, and student users provide endless insight to enhance your learning experience.

“This app I find explains problems better than Khan Academy, breaks down material easier, and is also a great tool for when I am on the go. I know it sounds geeky, but I pull out my Prep4SAT app opposed to Candy Crush or other games while I am waiting in line or for an appt, it's very sufficient and I would recommend this to anyone.”

“I love this app primarily because the concepts and explanations are easy to comprehend and remember compared to other apps/books I've used. I also like the flash card/short quiz format which makes the info more easily digestible and even fun. ”


6 Start-Ups that Keep Students on Track with Studying- Featuring Ready4GMAT


Ready4, Formerly LTG Exam Prep Platform Wins Cool Tool Award in Post-Secondary Category! While Elad Shoushan, CEO snags finalist placement for CEO.


Ready4 Wins Venture Award at ASU/GSV Education Innovation Summit!

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